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Broadway specializes in advising corporations and investors around the globe on opportunistic investments, partnerships and acquisition of financing.  We focus on creating unique funding structures designed to mitigate typical project risk and provide greater access to the capital markets.  Broadway's experience and financial acumen enable the firm to diligently evaluate any type of investment opportunity.


Broadway works with its clients to obtain funding for their projects from a variety of traditional and non-traditional sources including equity partners, bank warehouse credit lines, Euro-debt, the private placements market and institutional investors with specific credit and liquidity requirements. 


Our underwriting is tailored to each specific transaction based on the asset type and the expected exit strategy best suited to the investment.  Our team approach to analyzing a deal brings together in-house analysts and independent specialists who collectively possess a wide breadth of experience and specific expertise in quantifying a variety of asset classes and balance sheets unique to market sectors such as banking, communications, insurance, energy, manufacturing, not-for-profits and 501(c)3 non-profits, real estate, transportation and utilities.  Broadway can also value analyze alternative, non-tangible and distressed assets.

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