Natalio Lucangeli, Executive Managing Director


For more than twenty five years Nat has been involved in the real estate and financial markets.  Beginning first with the complexities of FOREX, Nat quickly became involved in the finance of real property.  Employing a strategy of alternative capital funding for the acquisition of both real estate backed assets and notes, he quickly established himself as a resource for both lenders and borrowers.  Banks sought Nat's ability to purchase otherwise underperforming assets, and borrowers looked to him for assistance with troubled properties.  Throughout the late 1990's Nat was involved in hundreds of projects, both in the United States and abroad, including land lease transactions, purchase and sale of notes, and financing outside developments.  Working mostly with internal capital and leveraging the remaining funds from traditional banks, the company maintained a high degree of liquidity. 


In 2007, as the capital markets seized, Nat immediately saw an opportunity to employ his proven alternative financing strategies to this new paradigm.  By utilizing unique capital structures, in effect Nat reduces percieved project finance risk and is able to "work around" today's over cautious lenders and provide much needed capital.  Nat guides the Company's efforts to identify those situations that may benefit most directly from Broadway's unique abilities.  He also heads up the firm's international consulting practice, bringing his years of experience to the assistance of those seeking entré to offshore financial markets and to foreign entities looking to the U.S. capital markets.  Frequently meeting with potential clients himself, Nat remains accessible throughout each transaction.

Robert Wagner, Managing Director


Rob brings specific expertise in multiple disciplines. More than twenty years ago, as a member of the New Products Group at PaineWebber, he participated in the development of the first CMO and CMBO instruments.  Additionally, he worked with other groups throughout Capital Markets.  During his tenure at PaineWebber, Rob gained valuable experience relating to diverse financial instruments, derivatives, FX and hybrids.  Following PaineWebber, Rob was invited by Don Marron, Chairman of PaineWebber and Ed Ney, Chairman of Young and Rubicam, to join their new firm PaineWebber Young and Rubicam Ventures.  Ventures merged investment banking skills with brand equity analytics to create a more comprehensive valuation model.


Subsequent to his involvement in investment banking, Rob brought his expertise to real estate development, particpating in the creation of residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality projects both in the U.S. and abroad.  In 2007, as the financial markets contracted and project finance became unobtainable, Rob joined Broadway founding the New Products group to bring alternative financial strategies to project finance markets. 


Rob's education includes training in architecture at Carnegie-Mellon University and a later degree in Art History from Columbia University.  Rob is a member of the West Orange Democratic Committee and an officer of his synagogue. 

Kathleen D'Agostino, VP -- New Business Development and Human Asset Management


Kathleen heads up new business development at Broadway Capital in addition to managing our Human Assets.  Beginning as a nurse and advancing to Patient Advocate, early in her career Kathleen embarked on a path of advocating for others and providing excellence in customer satisfaction.  Advancing through several positions of increasing responsibility with respect to relationship management, Kathleen's skills meshed well with Broadway's client-centric focus and the recognition that people are our most valuable asset.  


As Vice President of New Business Development, Kathleen's responsibilities include all aspects of establishing and developing new business relationships, providing resources and expertise to our client managers and ensuring newly onboarded clients' expectations are consistently exceeded.  In her role as Vice President of Human Asset Management, Kathleen oversees employee life cycle decisions as a component of Broadway's Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP"); ERP uses data-driven quantification and feedback for employee development, compensation, recruitment and retention.  Akin to Broadway's core philosophy of creating enterprise-wide protocols to establish and maintain metrics that are transparent, useful and robust, our approach to human assets reflects a strategic, leadership oriented set of practices that values our employees and recognizes their crucial role in Broadway's ongoing success.

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